“High-Dose Parenteral Ascorbate Enhanced Chemosensitivity of Ovarian Cancer and Reduced Toxicity of Chemotherapy” – 3/8/14 – Elizabeth Park

In a study published in Science Translational Medicine, vitamin C was found to enhance the effects of chemotherapy. Vitamin C doses ranging from 75 to 105 grams were administered to 27 patients with advanced ovarian cancer, yielding a reduction of chemotherapy toxicity and an improvement in energy level. The researchers involved in the study also found that patients felt less nauseous from the chemotherapy after receiving vitamin C. They claim, “addition of ascorbate reduced toxicities induced by standard chemotherapy in almost all evaluated categories, without decreasing survival. On the basis of this information and positive cellular and animal data showing tumor inhibition, the efficacy of ascorbate treatment in ovarian cancer is worth investigating in larger clinical trials.” The trials were conducted between 2002 and 2007 at the University of Kansas Medical Center Cancer Center and the Research Medical Center Resource Center–Gynecologic in Kansas City, Missouri. The results of the study were unexpected as the study was originally performed to determine if vitamin C had adverse effects on chemotherapy.

For the full report: http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/6/222/222ra18.full

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