“As Seen on TV, a Medical Mystery Involving Hip Implants is Solved.” – 3/8/14 – Anna Buttaci

In an article published in The New York Times, author Gina Kolata explains how the popular Fox television show House was used to help cure a mysterious aliment of a 55 year old patient in Germany. A lack of correlation between low thyroid hormone levels, inflammation of the esophagus, fevers, loss of vision, decreased hearing, and heart weakness had confused countless physicians until Dr. Juergen R. Shaefer at the University of Marburg Clinic discovered a cure. Kolata writes, “Dr. Schaefer uses House in teaching medicine, and he realized his patient’s symptoms were eerily similar to those of Ms. Bergen’s character on the show.” Three years of symptoms cause by cobalt poisoning from an eroded artificial metal hip, with levels being 1000 times higher than normal, were quickly treated with a ceramic hip replacement and a defibrillator.

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