“Residential exposure to aircraft noise and hospital admissions for CVD” – 10/15/13 – Neil Sarna

Residential exposure to aircraft noise and hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases: multi-airport retrospective study                                  10/08/13

Have you ever heard complaints from people living near airports about the noise at night? Inconvenience and disrupted sleep aside, there may be a serious health issue associated with airplane noise and heart problems. In a study conducted by faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health and published in the British Medical Journal, researchers found that there was a 3.5% increase in cardiovascular hospital admissions for those aged 65 and older, living in and around 89 of the United States busiest airports. The often overlooked 10db increase in noise caused by the departure or arrival of a large commercial aircraft was found to be a significant contributor to these hospital admissions. The demographics of the population included over 6 million people in over 2000 zip codes with the statistics taking into account for those already with ischemic heart disease or other related factors that would contribute to cardiovascular problems. A factor to note was that the higher the airport’s activity, the greater the risk was for cardiovascular hospital admissions for the elderly residents living around those specific airports. Unlike other studies conducted in Europe on this topic, these statistics accounted for specific health conditions among individuals, air pollution, road traffic, and other contributing factors to hospital admissions.

Find the full text here: http://www.bmj.com/content/347/bmj.f5561#ref-20 from the British Medical Journal

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