Cellular Immunity and Improved Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases – 11/11/13 – Nicholas Dellasanta

“Cellular immune correlates of protection against symptomatic pandemic influenza”      September 22, 2013

Researchers in the UK have recently found that numerous strains of influenza may be prevented by encouraging the production of CD8 T cells. Their findings are based upon blood samples from the 2009 swine flu pandemic that indicate that individuals with elevated CD8 T cell levels were less likely to contract the virus. The scientists involved with the study at Imperial College London hope to design a vaccine able to trigger a rise in these cells, potentially eliminating the need to remodel the flu vaccine each year due to the broad defense provided by the cells.

Find the full text of the article here: http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/v19/n10/full/nm.3350.html

“Better Tests, Better Care: Improved Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases”                               Volume 57 suppl 3 December 1, 2013

Published by the Infectious Disease Society of America, this article calls for the creation of diagnostic technologies to speed the identification of disease. IDSA’s recommendation is based upon the misallocation of drugs and the prospect of epidemiological improvement in regards to prevention response time. IDSA proposes an expansion of the diagnostic research field via promotional and incentivized opportunities sponsored by Congress and public health organizations.

Find the full text of the article here: http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/57/suppl_3/S139.full

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