“Amid Heavy Pollution, Beijing Issues Emergency Rules to Protect Citizens” – 10/19/13 – Nick Dellasanta

“Amid Heavy Pollution, Beijing Issues Emergency Rules to Protect Citizens”                        17 October 2013

In an attempt to reduce the significant amount of air pollution affecting China, Beijing has issued a plan known as “Six Steps and One Wash.” The plan operates on a color-coded scale, each color representing air pollution levels and signaling actions to be taken by the city’s residents. Intended to reduce particulates and dust being launched into the air, the lowest levels of blue and yellow require varying degrees of street cleaning. Orange marks the transition to a more involved action plan, with certain factories closing and construction ceasing. The final color in the plan, red, marks what may be considered a drastic measure to reduce pollution and exposure. Red is a call for the shutdown of schools and a limit on cars being driven. Under this warning, cars with license plates ending in odd numbers may only be driven on odd-numbered days and vice-versa for even numbers.

Find the full text here: http://sinosphere.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/10/17/amid-heavy-pollution-beijing-issues-emergency-rules-to-protect-citizens/?ref=science

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