Earliest Known Galaxy Formed Stars at a Breakneck Pace – 10/28/13 – Kristen Parnigoni

Earliest Known Galaxy Formed Stars at a Breakneck Pace                               10/25/13

Last week, astronomers published their findings on the extremely fast birth of stars in the earliest galaxy yet, believed to have formed about 700 million years after the Big Bang. The Hubble Space Telescope picked up the faint image of this galaxy, among others, and showed newborn stars, which the astronomers believe developed at a rate of almost one-hundred times faster than those in the Milky Way. One of the researchers said that the “finding could mark a period in the cosmic timeline when galaxies went from forming relatively few stars to bursting with star formation.” The researchers found that the galaxy is about 13.1 billion light-years from the earth and is the “earliest such cosmic object detected so far.”

For full text: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/342/6157/411.full

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