Vaccine Mandates and Sports Medicine Ethics – 10/7/13 – Kajol Shrestha

­“Vaccine Mandates Are Justifiable Because We Are All In This Together”

According to John D. Lantos and Mary Anne Jackson, “the small curtailment of individual liberty that is the price of mandates for immunization is the fairest way to spread the burden of protecting us all from the disease. It is the price we must pay for living together in a safe community.” There is a certain “epidemiological uncertainty” in mandating health care workers to be immunized because we cannot inherently quantify “how much safer patients are made my each incremental increase in percentage of employees who are immunized.” However, this article argues that even though the effects of a mandatory immunization policy cannot be quantifiable by research, it should still required and should be enforced effectively in order to protect patients.

For the full article: from the American Journal of Bioethics


“Sports Medicine and Ethics”

In the field of Sports Medicine, many ethical issues arise for a team when there is a conflict of interest between an athlete’s personal physician and the team physician, when the team physician is a team employee or contractor and does not handle the confidentiality of the athlete the right way, and when there are decision-making issues with regards to what is best for the team versus what is best for the athlete. All of these situations and more are involved in the ethical questioning in Sports Medicine and the authors of this article contend that there need to be more studies investigating the issues surrounding ethics in sports medicine. Also, building programs that allow athletes to see the long-term consequences of their decisions would help to athletes to better navigate ethical dilemmas.

For the full article: from the American Journal of Bioethics

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