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It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I present the latest issue of the Journal.  The article in this issue showcases the breadth and variety of research conducted in the health sciences by undergraduate students at Georgetown.

Foulard reports the results of a systematic review of published data regarding the sexual activity among men who have sex with men across the life course. His findings suggest that future studies into the sexual activity of this particular community should consider 1) refined sampling techniques to encourage accurate volunteer survey responses, 2) sampling of older populations in future studies to develop a comprehensive understanding of sexuality and 3) collecting longitudinal, rather than cross-sectional data, to minimize the effects of social and historical factors on observed results.

I would also like to thank the Journal’s dedicated staff of reviewers and editors.  Without these essential staff members, whose names are listed below, publication of this undergraduate research would not be possible.

As always, the Journal is open to inquiries about submissions or working on our staff.  If you are interested in submitting research or becoming an on-staff News or Op-Eds writer, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at thegujhs@gmail.com.

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Editing and Reviewing Staff of January 2014 Issue

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