Welcome to the May 2013 Issue

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It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we present the latest issue of the Journal.  The articles in this issue showcase the breadth and variety of research conducted in the health sciences by undergraduate students at Georgetown.

In a qualitative focus group study, Noyes conducted a needs assessment of sex workers in the District of Columbia to investigate the role of social determinants of their health.  This research uncovers opportunities for support to improve the health of this often neglected population.

Kareff and Ogden report their results of a literature review examining differences in coping methods to racial discrimination across ethnic minorities in the United States.  Their findings indicate that mental health professionals as well as policy-makers need to take into account cross-cultural differences in coping methods when addressing problems with discrimination.

With a focus on international health, Kareff analyzes a case series of polio eradication efforts in Cuba, India, and the Congolese Republics.  His conclusion that polio eradication may be too lofty a goal contributes to the evolving debate on the practicality of fighting infectious diseases.

Additionally, Khaleel focuses on the molecular biology of diapause regulation in mosquitoes,  a species that is a notable vector for arthropod-borne viruses.  These data implicate two specific genes, Vsclprot and MEK3, as important regulators of the mosquito life cycle and potential targets for vector control intervention.

We would also like to thank the Journal’s dedicated staff of reviewers and editors.  Without these essential staff members, whose names are listed below, publication of this undergraduate research would not be possible.

As always, the Journal is open to inquiries about submissions or working on our staff.  If you are interested in submitting research or becoming an on-staff writer, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at thegujhs@gmail.com.

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Editing and Reviewing Staff of May 2013 Issue

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