Faculty Spotlights

The Undergraduate Research Conference, hosted by the NHS Department of Human Science, is an annual event held in April. This year, in an effort to better connect students with the Faculty, we will be hosting a series of Faculty Spotlights.

The 11/5/13 panel included:
Click to view: 11.5.13 Faculty Spotlight Responses                                          Anne Rosenwald, PhD; Steven Singer, PhD – Department of Biology   Paul Roepe, PhD – Department of Chemistry                                                 Sonia Jacobson – GUROP

The 9/27/13 panel included:                                                                       Click to view: 9.27.13 Faculty Spotlight Responses Final         Bahram Moasser, PhD – Department of Chemistry – *Responses not published*                                                                                                                       Michael Stoto, PhD – Department of Health Systems Administration         Alex Theos, PhD; Ronit Yarden, PhD – Department of Human Science                                                                                                                  Sonia Jacobson: Office of the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The 9/10/13 panel included:                                                                           Click to view: 9.10.13 Faculty Spotlight Q&A Responses               Jan LaRocque, PhD; David Goldsmith, PhD; Rosemary Sokas, MD, MOH – Department of Human Science                                                    Peggy Compton, RN, PhD, FAAN; Laura Anderko, PhD, RN – Department  of Nursing                                                                                      Sonia Jacobson: Office of the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

9/10/13: For an in-depth look at the research of Dr Rosemary Sokas, MD, MOH please click here – Dr Sokas Faculty Spotlight


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