Puppy Playtime! hosted by Hoya Health Hut – 11/19/13

Puppy Playtime! Hosted by Hoya Health Hut – Tuesday 11/19/13 on Copley Lawn (Rainsite: Alumni Lounge)

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This past Wednesday, Health Education Services, in conjunction with The Corp and Georgetown GIVES, hosted an event titled “Puppy Playtime.” Seven certified dogs, part of the organization People Animals Love (PAL), were brought to campus for a stress-relieving study break for students. The event also had free hot chocolate, courtesy of The Corp.

Many universities around the nation also host events similar to “Puppy Playtime,” in which certified animals, most notably puppies, are brought to campus in an effort to relieve stress in college students. Other universities also have more regular programs for students to get that puppy love. Harvard Medical School has a puppy that holds regular office hours. Yale Law School has a check-out service for their resident puppy, similar to how one would check out a book. 

While there is an abundance of research on how interaction with pets can decrease the stress hormone, cortisol, there is no specific research on how pet programs alleviate stress among college students. Kathleen Adamle, a nursing professor at Kent State, is among the first to conduct research on specific effects of a pet program on the stress levels among college students. 

For more information, check out this article published by the USA Today about the benefits of animal therapy on college students. Remember to like Hoya Health Hut on Facebook for more information about how to stay stress-free this finals season and for upcoming events! 



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