Editor-in-Chief: Victor Wang (NHS ’15) – Department of Human Science

Executive Managing Editor: Cayla Fappiano (NHS’15) – Department of Human Science

Editing Staff:

Director of Editing: Nina Pious (NHS ’15) – Department of Human Science

Associate Editors: Nishi D’souza (NHS ’15) – Department of Human Science;            Kathleen Farr (COL ’15) – Department of Psychology; Kate Schertz (NHS ’15) – Department of International Health

Director of Op-Eds: Eileen Marino (NHS ’15) – Department of Health Systems Administration

Director of Marketing & News: Mary Amaechi (NHS ’14) – Department of Human Science

News Staff:

Jacob Carmichael (NHS’17), Kira Lin (NHS’17), Victoria Ma (NHS’17), Kajol Shrestha (NHS’17) – Department of Human Science

Kathryn Booth (NHS’16), Cathie Chen (NHS’16), Nicholas Dellasanta (NHS’16), Taylor Muentener (NHS’15), Neil Sarna (NHS’17) – Department of International Health

Amber Young (COL’16) – Department of Biology

Kristen Parnigoni (COL’16) – Undecided

Faculty Advisor:

Alexander C. Theos, Ph.D.
Department of Human Science, School of Nursing and Health Studies
Georgetown University

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