The Georgetown University Journal of Health Sciences (GUJHS) began as the brainchild of the former chair of Human Science, Dr. Charlie Evans.  Dr. Evans dreamed of a student-run journal that showcased the diverse research interests of the student population through technical papers. Now, the GUJHS follows true to Dr. Evans’ dream, and has also added sections to teach students about how to get into research positions and express the scientific humor and creativity of the health science student body. In doing so, we express the depth of students studying health sciences at Georgetown.

The GUJHS is a peer-reviewed health sciences journal dedicated to collecting, editing, and publishing quality research work performed by undergraduates of Georgetown University. We encourage students to pursue research and express their passion about the health sciences through written media. Any students interested in submitting their work should click here for more details.

We publish biannual issues to promote the discourse of a wide range of health science topics from public health to molecular biology.  Additionally, our Op-Ed section contains articles written by undergraduates on timely topics in health care and health science.

For more information about GUJHS submissions or joining our Editing, News, Marketing or Op-Ed team, please email thegujhs@gmail.com, or:                                                                  Victor Wang – Editor-in-Chief (vsw2).                                                                                                Cayla Fappiano – Executive Managing Editor (cmf224).                                                               Nina Pious – Director of Editing (nmp36)                                                                                         Mary Amaechi – Director of Marketing (mea57).                                                                      Eileen Marino – Director of Op-Eds (emm277).                                                                                 Nishi Dsouza – Director of News (nd263).