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Universal Moral Grammar, Philosophy Bites (David Edmonds & Nigel Warburton)
Battery and Morality, Philosophy Bites (David Edmonds & Nigel Warburton)
Georgetown University Forum: Cognitive Science and Human Rights
, NPR (Audio)
UCLA Behavior, Evolution, and Culture Series (Video)
Brooklyn Law Symposium on Moral Universals (Video, w/ Paul Bloom and Ray Jackendoff)
Where Morals Come From–And Why It Matters, MIT Technology and Culture Forum (Video)

Blog Posts

The Necessary and Proper Clauses

The Necessary and Proper Clauses, Part 2: Foregoing Powers v. All Other Powers

The Necessary and Proper Clauses, Part 3: James Wilson’s Contribution to the Virginia Plan
“This had nothing to do with politics, nothing at all”
Theodore Roosevelt on the Federal Government’s “unenumerated problem-solving powers”
Kelman on Moral Grammar and Moral Heuristics
Every Vote Counts
Implied Powers and the Necessary and Proper Clause: A New Look at the Original Understanding
The Origins of “Necessary and Proper” (Part I: The Corporate Law Background)
The Origins of “Necessary and Proper” (Part II: Common Usage during the Founding Era)
Is Ted Cruz a Naturalized Citizen?
A Note on the Original Meaning of “Emolument”
Other uses of “emolument” in The Federalist (and the fallacy of affirming the consequent)
“Emolument” in Blackstone’s Commentaries
The Definition of “Emolument” in English Language and Legal Dictionaries, 1523-1806
Foreign-Born Framers
Fixing the Constitution’s Implied Powers
Some Thoughts on Fourth Circuit Argument in MD/DC v. Trump
Lessig’s Defensive Crouch Constitutionalism

Other Blogs:
Natural Law Psychology, Human Nature, and Plato’s “Meno” (Concurring Opinions)
Moral Grammar and Intuitive Jurisprudence
(Experimental Philosophy)
Common Article 3, Torture, and Specific Intent (Georgetown Law Faculty Blog)

Other Media

Professor John Mikhail Joins Law Center Faculty, Georgetown Law Weekly (Victoria Taylor)
Intention, Legal Theory Lexicon (Lawrence Solum)
Scientists Draw Link Between Morality and Brain’s Wiring, Wall St. Journal (Robert Lee Hotz)
Mit Anstand auf die Welt, Der Spiegel (Jörg Blech)
A Case for the Moral Organ? Science (Michael R. Waldmann)
The Chomsky of Morality? Nature (Paul Bloom and Izzat Jarudi)
Social Intuitionism, or the Rise of the Intuitive Lawyers, Mixing Memory (Chris S.)
Against Intuition, Chronicle of Higher Education (Christopher Shea)
Is a Moral Instinct the Source of our Noble Thoughts? Reuters (Tom Heneghan)
The Emerging Moral Psychology, Prospect Magazine (Dan Jones)
The Moral Instinct, New York Times Magazine (Steven Pinker)
The Vexing Mental Tug-of-War Called Morality, Discover Magazine (Kristin Ohlson)
GULC Launches Williams Research Professorships, The Hoya (Lea Nichols)
Trump’s DOJ is ‘Misleading’ Court in Emoluments Suit, New Study Claims, NLJ (Marcia Coyle)
37 Historic Dictionaries Disagree With Trump’s Definition of “Emolument,” NPR (Peter Overby)
Lawsuit Against Trump Starts the Battle to Define “Emolument,” Morning Edition (Peter Overby)
Trump’s “Emoluments’ Battle: How a Scholar’s Search of 200 Years of Dictionaries Helped Win a Historic Ruling, Washington Post (Fred Barbash)
Distinguished Persons of the Week: Stopping Trump’s Calvacade of Corruption, Washington Post (Jennifer Rubin)
Donald Trump: All the President’s Profits, Fault Lines (Andréa Schmidt)