New for fall 2018: STIA 412: Climate Science and Policy Centennial Lab

As a STIA Senior Capstone Course and SFS Centennial Lab (C-Lab), this newly redesigned, experiential course is focused on developing practical solutions to climate change and sharing them beyond the classroom. Students will become familiar with the cutting-edge academic science and policy research being done on climate change, as well as work on hands-on projects where they must develop their own solutions to different aspects of the climate change challenge. Climate change, as a global environmental, social, technological, economic and ethical challenge, is inherently interdisciplinary. Course labs are problem-driven, interactive exercises that are designed to teach interdisciplinary research skills and relevant software and tools for data analysis and visualization. This semester our labs include a “Diplomacy Lab” where we will be working directly with the climate change office at the US State Department, and a “Campus Lab” where we will be working directly with the Georgetown Director of Energy and Utilities and the Director of Sustainability on a campus-based climate mitigation project.

MSFS Diplomacy Lab on Climate Resilience – Fall 2017



Courses Taught 

STIA 305. Science & Technology in the Global Arena

STIA 410. Senior Honors Research Seminar

MSFS 524. China’s Energy Challenges: Technology, Policy and Sustainability

MSFS 604. Climate Science & Policy

STIA 412. Climate Science & Policy

STIA 353. Energy & Sustainability

STIA 451. Energy & Environment in China

INAF 100.16. Leapfrog Technologies for Sustainable Development (first-year proseminar).

Students from STIA 353 visit Georgetown’s central plant.

Georgetown students attend the UN climate negotiations in Doha, Qatar.