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Delegation to UN Climate Change Convention include Students, Faculty

December 3, 2012 – A Georgetown delegation of 25 students, faculty and staff representing 11 nationalities were on hand to participate in and observe part of the 18th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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Writeup of book launch by PacificUS

Can Wind Energy Clear the Air in China?

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Beijing’s record-breaking air pollution is making global headlines, and the hazardous air quality is “putting a lot of pressure on the government to protect the environment.” China already invests more in renewable energy – wind, solar, and hydro power – than any other state, and part of Beijing’s plan to cut national carbon dioxide emissions by 45 percent before 2020 relies on wind energy.  But how did the local wind power industry develop and what are the future constraints? On January 16 I attended Georgetown University’s book launch for Dr. Joanna Lewis’ work Green Innovation in China: China’s Wind Power Industry and the Global Transition to a Low Carbon Economy.  Lewis presented her empirical study of the growth of the wind energy industry in China by focusing on methods of international technology transfer, international cooperation and domestic government policies.

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Review of Green Innovation in China by the Asian Review of Books

Green Innovation in China: China’s Wind Power Industry and the Global Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy by Joanna I. Lewis

reviewed by Mark L. Clifford

23 January 2013 — There is no greater challenge for humanity in the coming century than slowing the pace of man-made climate change. And there is no country whose actions are more important than China in determining whether or not we will meet this challenge.

Joanna Lewis’s important book on the development of China’s wind power industry is an incisive look at a key part of China’s desire to transform itself into a high-tech green economy while meeting its responsibilities as the world’s largest energy user and second-largest economy.

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