My scholarship is motivated by what I believe to be the quintessential challenge of our time: global climate change, and the need to transition to a low carbon economy. Since the majority of future fossil energy consumption and consequently carbon dioxide emissions will stem from the developing world, and foremost from China’s rapid industrialization, I have chosen to focus the majority of my research there. My academic research program examines China’s ability to adopt advanced and low-emissions energy technologies, as well as the technical and political factors that shape domestic and international energy and climate policy decisions. My central approach is to view China not just as the source of energy demand or environmental problems, as it is so commonly portrayed, but as a source of change. I seek to understand how China’s rise is influencing its ability not only to respond to its environmental challenges, but its ability to innovate. Understanding how China can and will respond to these issues advances our understanding of the global energy system and how it will evolve under environmental constraints.

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