LaRocque Lab

Welcome to the LaRocque lab! Our primary focus is how cells maintain genome integrity. Loss of this integrity (called genome instability), can lead to cell death or tumorigenesis in multi-cellular organisms.  One way that genome instability occurs is from DNA damage, which occurs from environmental sources (such as UV radiation), but also from normal cellular processes. We are particularly interested in how the cell repairs a particularly toxic type of DNA damage, the double-strand break (DSB), where both strands of the DNA double helix are broken. We use genetics and molecular biology to model the DNA damage response and human disease in Drosophila melanogaster.

Lab lunch

LaRocque Lab (L to R: Noori, Pallavi, Thu, Jan, Daniel, Faraz, Daniel, Dashiell; not pictured: Nina and Neil). June 2015

Images (L to R): S.E.M of Drosophila eye, both normal (top) and mutated (bottom), brown and yellow bristles of fly wing, PH3 antibody staining demarcates mitotic cells in the wing imaginal disc, adult fly (all images by J. LaRocque).