Alumni Benefits

Alumni Discount

Students who have completed a professional certificate program are eligible forĀ a 10% tuition discount on select future courses.

Professional Workshops

ITL offers a variety of workshops each year to help leaders and coaches continue to develop their skills and knowledge. ITL graduates receive a 10% tuition discount on these courses. See our current courses here.

Georgetown ITL Network

A group of ITL alumni have created the Georgetown ITL Network, a formal professional network of graduates and faculty from the various Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership certificate programs. The mission of The Network is to create connections and foster continued learning and growth among all members of the global ITL graduate community, to support their professional journeys as they extend ITL’s mission of transformational change. An interim Board is being established and the Network will soon be accepting members.

Alumni Retreats & Conferences

ITL faculty and alumni volunteers typically host at least 1-2 retreats or conferences each year.


Typically organized by ITL faculty. These retreats give small groups the chance to spend a weekend at a scenic inn or bed and breakfast engaging in workshops around a certain theme. Alumni, faculty members, and family & friends are generally welcome to join for all activities except for the workshops.


Typically organized by ITL staff with the support of a volunteer committee. These professional conferences are hosted once per year at a DC area hotel and give the entire ITL community a chance to reconnect and engage in continued learning.