This post was shared by Maria van Hekken – faculty in Georgetown’s Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching.

What would it take for you to live life in full flourish?

If you flowed in the wind like flowers do?

If you naturally tilted your gaze unabashedly toward the light?

If you blossomed right where you’re planted now,

Grew luxuriantly for all to see,

Achieved success as you define it,

And created seeds of change as only you know how?

What if you reached your full height (and power),

If others looked to you for advice or inspiration,

If you planted seeds as far and wide as the breezes will carry?

Yes, you can flourish.

You can dare to thrive.

It’s all right to blossom in this season

To show what you’re made of

To love who you are and the life you’ve cultivated.

Look at the clever flourishes of the sky-blue clematis,

The soft yellow flowers of tomatoes-to-be,

The feathery fronds of the grasses everywhere –

They don’t worry what others might think.

They carry on, doing what they were meant to do.

And really:

Who among us looks at a flower and asks, why are you allowed to be so amazing?

To be so happy?

To be so admired?

Now, this summer,

This time in your life,

Live your life fully,

Share your beauty with the world,

Go forth and flourish, as you are meant to.


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