Sep 06 2008

Mobile Social Networking Users Consume More Mobile Content Than Average Mobile Subscribers

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Over two online surveys of mobile subscribers (1005 respondents in Nov ’07) and mobile social networking users (514 respondents in Jun ’08), ABI Research (PDF)1 has found that mobile social networking users are younger (18-30), more likely to own a smart phone and more likely to consume mobile content than average mobile subscribers (see spreadsheet) —

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Sep 02 2008

A Comparative Analysis of Social Media Usage in BRIC Countries

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In this post, I have used data from Wave 3 of the Power of the People Social Media Tracker by Universal McCann (PDF/ Slideshare) 1 to do a comparative analysis of social media usage in BRIC countries (see original spreadsheets and charts).

At the top level, the total number of active internet users 2 in BRIC countries (101.2m) is higher than the number of active internet users in US (100m), even though internet penetration is a low 5.28%.

Even more surprisingly, significantly more users from BRIC countries than US engage with social media tools, both in terms of content consumption (watching online video 90.1m vs 74.2m, reading blogs 88.1m vs 60.3m, downloading podcasts 70.2m vs 29.5m, subscribing to RSS feeds 54.4m vs 18.6m) and content creation (creating blogs 60.2m vs 26.4m, creating social network profiles 68.3m vs 43.0m, uploading photos 71.2m vs 47.1m, uploading videos 57.3m vs 25.3m). Continue Reading »

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