Jan 17 2009

The Confusion Over Growth Projections of the Worldwide Mobile Subscriber Base

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The confusion over growth projections of the worldwide mobile subscriber base continues with eMarketer reporting projections ranging from 3.35 billion in 2013 (Frost & Sullivan) to 5.6 billion in 2013 (by Strategy Analytics). eMarketer’s own prediction is that there will be 4.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide in 2012.

As I had written before, the main reason for such variation in these projections is that most of the growth in the mobile phone subscriber base is expected to come from BRIC countries and analysts are not sure how quickly this growth potential will be realized.

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Sep 06 2008

US Internet Users Who Vote Say That Traditional Media is Still Most Effective in Election Campaigns

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According to a recent survey1 of US internet users who vote (age 18+), conducted in May 2008 by the E-Voter Institute and HCD Research, old media is still most effective in election campaigns.

More respondents believed that traditional media tools like television or cable ads (63%), debates (57%), direct mail (31%), newspaper ads (29%), radio ads (26%) and billboards (20%) were effective than new media tools like official websites (51%), online ads (25%), e-mail (22%), webcasts (20%) and text-messaging (5%). Even though 39% of the respondents considered word-of-mouth to be effective, fewer respondents thought that social media tools like independent blog posts (16%), social networking sites (15%) or viral videos (14%) were effective. Continue Reading »

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Sep 06 2008

Why Are Brazilians More Concerned About Online Privacy and Security Than Indians?

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Here are some highlights from a survey conducted by research firm Synovate amongst 13,000 respondents aged 18-65 in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the US (via eMarketer) —

– Only 42% of the respondents knew about social networking, even though a higher percentage of younger respondents were aware of social networking.

– Only 26% of the respondents were members of any social network. Some markets (like India) seemed to favor multiple memberships and some seemed to stick to one or two major ones.

– 51% of the respondents expressed concerns about privacy and security issues online. Brazilians (79%) and Americans (69%) were most concerned about such issues while Indians (19%) were the least concerned. Amongst members of social networking sites, only 26% were comfortable giving out personal details. Indians (57%) were amongst those most comfortable sharing personal details while Brazilians (23%) and Americans (30%) were amongst those least comfortable. Continue Reading »

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Sep 06 2008

eMarketer Predicts 800 Million Mobile Social Networking Users by 2012

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According to a recent report by eMarketer1, the worldwide mobile social networking user base will grow from 147m in 2008 to 803m in 2012 (446%) (see spreadsheet) —

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