2008-09 Fellows


Gaurav Mishra – Yahoo! Fellow for 2008-09

Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav Mishra is the 2008-09 Yahoo! Fellow in International Values, Communications, Technology, and Global Internet at Georgetown University. As the Yahoo! Fellow, Gaurav is leading research on how social media is being used in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Gaurav is also teaching a graduate course at Georgetown University on Social Media in Business, Development and Government.

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Ben Turner — Junior Yahoo! Fellow for 2008-09

Ben Turner

Ben is a second-year Master of Science in Foreign Service candidate studying international development, technology policy, and social business entrepreneurship. Before coming to Georgetown, he served five years in the US Army as an Arabic crypto-analyst/linguist for a Special Forces unit, with an eight month deployment to Iraq. He received his BA in Classics and Latin from the University of Texas at Austin. He has also worked as a daytrader and freelance web designer. Now he is planning to build a web start-up in the field of social networking through an open reputation management platform.

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Pavneet Singh – Junior Yahoo! Fellow for 2008-09

Ben Turner

Pavneet is a second year student in the MSFS program at Georgetown University, concentrating in Foreign Policy and International Security. He is currently a consultant at the World Bank, where he works with the Secretariat of the Growth Commission based in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit. His previous work experience includes consultancies at The Brookings Institution, and LECG, LLC. He holds a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Political Economy of the Industrial Societies from the University of California at Berkeley (2003).