Week 1 – Jan 15 – Communicative Language Teaching Activity (Lesson Plan)

Lesson Plan

Objective: Students will orally describe information about their favorite holidays in Panama

Level: 7th grade

Warm-up: Students will identify 5 images that represent 5 different holidays in Panama, in order to introduce key words. (5 mins).

Activity 1: Gather in groups according to their affinity: 5 students will volunteer for team leaders. These leaders will choose 1 of the Panamanian holidays represented in the images previously shown, then, they will gather in groups of 5 with other classmates who also like the same image. (15 minutes)

Activity 2: Answering the Questions: Students will write down 3 questions given by the teacher, whose answers are within the video. After that, they will watch the video a couple of times, take notes, and answer the questions. (10 mins)

Activity 3: Reading aloud: Students will read aloud the answers they wrote, applying the key words given at the beginning of the class. (10 mins)

Wrap up: All the students will vote to choose the best holiday in Panama. (5 mins)

Group members: Idelda, Ely, Tatiana, Hector.

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