Tahina Lee Montoya

Doctor of Liberal Studies
Current Position:
Political/Military Analyst, Air Force Reserve
Lowell, MA

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?

Though they are all equally important, the value that most influences my daily life is “People for Others.” I am passionate about serving others, and my philanthropic endeavors center on helping women, veterans, and children. This year I became a certified breast-milk donor, where I donated over 3,428 oz of breast milk to the Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters Milk Bank, which is a nonprofit, hospital-based donor milk bank established to provide life-saving benefits of breast milk to NICU infants.

I also serve on the United States Air Force Women’s Initiative Team (WIT), where we identify barriers servicewomen and civilian women face in the Department of the Air Force (DAF) and help remove those barriers through policy change. In that capacity, I am co-chair for a Line of Effort that is pursuing changing the Joint Travel Regulations to allow servicewomen to get reimbursed for the shipment of breast milk. I also formed a team for the Move with a Purpose Virtual Dash, where our team ran over 104 miles and contributed to raising over $10,000 to support Final Salute Inc., a non-profit that provides homeless women veterans and their children with safe and suitable housing. I am also the President of my JROTC Alumni Association, where we coordinated a virtual Career Fair for cadets.

Lastly, as member of the Georgetown University Student Veterans Association (GUSVA), in collaboration with the Veteran’s Office, I served on a panel that welcomed incoming military-connected students to help prepare them for graduate school.

Who has had a significant influence in your life to help you get to where you are today and why?
My parents, for showing me the importance of being honest, working hard, and helping others. My husband and family for their unwavering support, and my children for being my motivation.