Sean Lee

MPS in Technology Management
Current Position:
Venture Fellow, Alpha Edison & Director of Operations, Red Herring
Los Angeles, CA

How do your contributions to your program and to the SCS community overall make you a strong candidate for The Hoya Professional 30?

Throughout the past 18 months, I have been a frequent attendee of Georgetown’s Chalk-Talks, listening to future entrepreneurs, and providing feedback. Moreover, I have frequently connected with my peers outside the classroom to share industry insights and provide support in areas in which I have domain expertise. This led me to join the Entrepreneurship Club with Jennie Nwokoye as Program Director, responsible for preparing and providing resourceful events for our community’s future entrepreneurs.

Most recently, I became a member of Georgetown’s E-Sports Biz Club with fellow classmates, planning and promoting events and activities with alumni and community experts. Finally, I’m excited to share that I am creating an equity crowdfunding, university-specific platform that will connect our community’s student entrepreneurs and alumni.

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?
“People for Others” has significantly influenced my life, work, and passions, and will continue to be a core part of my identity. In my graduate studies, I tapped into my professional experiences and network with startups and venture capitalists to give insights to fellow classmates curious about pursuing a future in entrepreneurship. In my professional life, I mentor early-stage, impact driven, and underrepresented entrepreneurs, not only to provide guidance on their pitch decks and business models but to also provide emotional support.

Finally, the “People for Other” ethos is the underlying engine that drives my future business venture, SPARK, which is an idea generated from Georgetown’s Technology Entrepreneurship class. SPARK’s equity crowdfunding platform aims to form a bridge between our community’s student entrepreneurs that need capital to start their ventures, and alumni who are itching for opportunities to invest or donate their time and knowledge.