Priscilla Segnini

MPS in Journalism
Current Position:
Senior Social Media Analyst, CMI Media Group
Home Country:
Costa Rica

How do your contributions to your program and to the SCS community overall make you a strong candidate for The Hoya Professional 30?

In May 2020, I started serving as the president of the Georgetown chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). During the past several months, SPJ has hosted learning sessions for Georgetown students, inviting guest speakers and helping students connect with professional journalists within the industry. These contributions have impacted students positively during this current period, where gathering in-person has not been possible.

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?

When I first came to Georgetown for my Social Media Management certification, I realized my spiritual values were aligned with the school. The Jesuit value of being “People for Others” has been a value that I, as a Catholic, learned at a young age; volunteer work in particular has greatly helped me to be involved in the community and serve others while utilizing my skills and time with purpose.

As a president of Georgetown’s SPJ Chapter, I have fostered the importance of representation by building and working with a team of diverse people on our board. Diversity greatly enriches our academic environment, and having speakers from many different ethnicities and backgrounds has contributed greatly to the SCS community. As a student in the Journalism program, I have been able to report on stories within the Latino communities in Washington, D.C., and in Philadelphia, PA, on issues related to the economy and health care; such immigrants’ stories highlight the challenges faced by Latinos while embracing their journey within the United States. These stories have helped provide a voice to the people of these communities, and also bring an important community perspective to the classroom.