Paul Negron


MPS in Public Relations & Corporate Communications
Current Position:
Public Affairs Specialist, D.C. State Board of Education
Massapequa Park, NY

What makes you a leader in your industry and community?

Now in my third semester in the PRCC program, I have enjoyed collaborating with classmates and professors. In my current role, I am charged with communicating the message and policies of the State Board of Education to various education stakeholders. My role is wide-ranging, as I manage all social media strategy, write all press releases and newsletters, handle all website/blog updates, and lead our media relations efforts. I have loved connecting with classmates and providing counsel on their roles, helping to provide tips on communications planning and social media strategy based on my work experience.

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?

I moved here to D.C. five years ago with a goal of finding professional opportunities where I could serve others. After overcoming some personal challenges of my own, I was determined to find jobs where I could use my skills to help others better their lives. In my time here, I have lived in Wards 1, 2, and 4 and worked in Wards 5, 7, and 8. Not having a car, I spend every day commuting around the District. This allows me to interact with a variety of cultures and populations, which are experiences that I have cherished.