Nicole Parks

MPS in Design Management & Communications
Current Position:
Senior Human Centered Design Strategist, Medtronic
Current City:
Minneapolis, MN

How do your contributions to your program and to the SCS community overall make you a strong candidate for The Hoya Professional 30?

In support of the SCS community, I am a highly engaged student and collaborator, connecting with classmates and professors in and out of the classroom, and forming lasting relationships. I seek out opportunities for personal connections that enable deep and meaningful discussions around class topics, design, ethics, and societal challenges. Throughout my time in this program, I’ve continually sought input and critique from classmates to encourage collaboration, appreciating the value of the SCS community to the educational experience.

Working full-time while pursuing my degree allows me to bring over 13 years of professional design experience to class activities as well as apply learnings immediately to my organization, team, and projects. I display design excellence throughout each class with professional quality deliverables and presentations.

The virtual classroom and curriculum of the SCS program means I carry it with me always, engaging with the curriculum, professors, and peers in real-time throughout the week. I take each and every opportunity to be present during live class meetings and group calls, forming strong bonds with my peers that has carried on throughout multiple semesters and beyond the classroom strengthening the SCS network and community.

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?

I apply the Jesuit tradition of “People for Others” as a Human Centered Designer: I help teams develop a deep, empathetic understanding of their users’ needs and create innovative human-centric solutions. I have found great purpose in applying these skills to the medical and healthcare challenges we face, ensuring technical advancements begin and end with humanistic values.

In my personal life, I believe in order to create beauty in the world, you do not make more art, you make more artists. I share this belief and passion through mentoring young designers, working with underserved children through the arts, and providing design services to non-profit community art groups.

Why did you choose to come to Georgetown SCS?
I chose Georgetown SCS for the combination of industry leading professionals as teaching staff and its flexible, asynchronous learning environment. I don’t believe you need to be a full-time student to continue your education, and as a working professional, spouse, and parent, this was the best option for me.