Kendall Mulligan

MPS in Sports Industry Management
Current Position:
Head Women’s Rowing Coach, Georgetown University
Southbury, CT

How do your contributions to your program and to the SCS community overall make you a strong candidate for The Hoya Professional 30?

While on the journey to achieve my master’s, I have been fortunate to work alongside incredible professionals and students. I have worked to connect professionally and personally with both professors and students alike to learn from them and with them. I have also created a network of present Georgetown employees in the Athletic Department that are also a part of the Sports Industry Management program. I have connected my fellow professionals with each other in an effort to bring community, stability, and support to the forefront in a time where human connection may be lacking. These contributions make me a strong candidate for The Hoya Professional 30, as the sharing of knowledge has allowed me to engage in and be a part of the growth and success of my classmates.

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?
“People for Others” resonates with me deeply. A value that brings true meaning to my life, I currently serve as the Head Women’s Rowing Coach here at Georgetown. In seeking my degree through the SCS, I do so in hopes of contributing at a higher level to Georgetown University, the department of Athletics, and the Women’s Rowing program. Each decision I make is centered on creating the best experience for my fellow employees and student-athletes by way of learning the skills needed to promote the growth and success of others.What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?
The best piece of career advice I have ever received was from a fellow rowing coach. He noted, “lead up and lead for others.” This advice has directed my professional career as I seek to have all members of a team, both student athletes and administrators, seeking a common goal. Regardless of their position within a department, ensuring that all individuals invested in a project or team share common values and goals remains vital to team success.