Juliana Hess

MPS in Real Estate
Current Position:
Full-time Student, Advisory Board Member (Strategy, Sustainability/ESG, and global outreach) at REIT Academy, MedAnswers and Kdoves
Co-founder ESG Impact Collaborative.
Washington, D.C.

Why did you choose to come to Georgetown SCS?

Going back to pursue a graduate degree marked the beginning of my next act as a professional. Knowing exactly that I wanted to work in the sustainability/ESG/impact space to build healthier, more sustainable (built) environments and prosperous communities, I wanted to spare no effort to give myself the best tools and put myself in the best position to succeed. That meant choosing a top-rated program at a school that shares my values and that would provide me with access to world-class professors and network. Georgetown was an easy choice.

Which Jesuit value resonates with you the most and why?

“People for Others.” I believe we cannot individually succeed if our community fails. This belief is rooted in my grandmother’s example. Despite her ailments, she lived and died a happy, fulfilled woman. She lived her life helping others, giving to others, and finding joy in other people’s happiness and good fortune. She taught us to protect the weak, to lend a helping hand, and to stand up when others couldn’t stand up for themselves. She taught us that a warm smile or a sincere hello could turn someone’s life around. She lived by the value and exemplified “People for Others” like few people I know. I can only hope to be half the giving, caring, compassionate woman she was.