Fulvia Musti

Doctor of Liberal Studies
Current Position:
Assistant Teaching Professor, Georgetown University
Potomac, MD

How do your contributions to your program and to the SCS community overall make you a strong candidate for The Hoya Professional 30?

My main contribution to SCS consists of having trained for and successfully taught an online intensive Italian course for two consecutive summers. Teaching online for SCS requires a thorough understanding of the needs of students studying remotely, and often living in different time zones. I believe that my commitment to the DLS program, the multidisciplinary dissertation that encompasses the values that SCS represents, and my contribution to the SCS summer program qualify me as a good candidate for the Hoya Professional 30.

How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?

As a teacher, I deeply care for my students’ well-being and their academic success. Particularly in these past two semesters of unrelenting discomfort caused by COVID-19, I reached out to my students in multiple ways, using the online tools available. When I realized that many of them were under strenuous Zoom fatigue, or felt overwhelmed by personal circumstances, I responded by adjusting the workload, and, per their request, I added an extra asynchronous class, thus creating a more flexible environment. As I made the decision to openly caring for my students’ wellbeing, by actively listening and promptly responding to their needs, I saw a positive transformation in our relationship—the students became more engaged in the course and more supportive of each other.

Why did you choose to come to Georgetown SCS?
I came to SCS because of the DLS program which enabled me to cultivate my interest in Italian renaissance art history, as well as to continue to pursue my career as a faculty member in the Italian department here at Georgetown. I would like to say that the program is very flexible, creative, and interdisciplinary.