Caylin Bullock


MPS in Urban & Regional Planning
Current Position:
Business Analyst, Department of Justice
Cary, NC

What makes you a leader in your industry and community?
I came into the Georgetown planning program working as an analyst at the Department of Justice, with a background in Statistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This unconventional background afforded me the unique ability to not only understand the quantitative foundations of planning, but also lend a perspective on current projects, stakeholders, and challenges in the government. Additionally, attending SCS events, and creating supportive communities with classmates, has made the program a more inclusive and prosperous environment for me and others.


How have Georgetown’s Jesuit values influenced your life and work?
The Jesuit value “People for Others” is a core value by which I live my life. My decision to pursue a Master’s degree in Urban Planning emerged from my belief that space tells a powerful story; and safe, equitable, and healthy neighborhoods are an essential human right. I see my Georgetown journey less as an academic endeavor, and more as a journey to discover my role in public service. I plan to continue devoting my professional life to the practice of long-term planning, and exploring how incremental planning decisions can shape the foundation of American life.