With our roots going back to the early 1970s, GU Pride is one of the oldest LGBTQ student organizations in the world. Forty years later, GU Pride is going strong, actively working to provide a dynamic educational, political, and social space for LGBTQ undergraduates at Georgetown University.

What is Homo Saxa?

In an effort to increase conversation beyond meetings and social events, Homo Saxa is GU Pride’s new open forum on LGBT issues on and off the hilltop. GU Pride members are welcome to initiate discussions, comment on Pride programming,  post news items, events, etc. This is your space to use however you would like. Homo Saxa is public to GU Pride members, but is private outside the Georgetown community.  This blog cannot be found through search engines or accessed by non-GU Pride members.

Thanks for checking in, and please keep us posted on your summer shenanigans!