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Calling Out Intellectually Dishonest Academic Food Scientists

 The end of February 2013 witnessed the publication of Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for the New York Times, Michael Moss. Although others have written about how modern processed foods … Continue reading

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The Sustainability of Sustainable

The collected eyes of the world are focused on a seemingly endless list of crises, each of which are approaching a level that can be described with every known synonym for the word: critical. Agricultural and seafood production, clean water, … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Food Cartographers

A review of FOOD : an atlas On October 6th of 2012, I joined what eventually grew into a group of 747 backers of a project to raise $20,000 to create an atlas of food. Not just a simple … Continue reading

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Examining New York City’s Ban on Sugar Sweetened Fountain Drink Sizes Greater Than 16 Ounces

New York City’s ban on sugar sweetened fountain drink sizes greater than 16 ounces goes into effect on March 12th. I argue here that not only is this ban an experiment worth trying, I explain why I expect it to … Continue reading

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