Everette’s Bootcamp Recap

Where it all began: So far while working the Gateway Exploration Program (G.E.P), we have learned a lot. We have learned about various medical fields and the responsibilities that they have, as well as how to conduct good research and create a 30 second elevator pitch. We are conducting a research project on health disparities in D.C and how they affect the communities and the people in them. Also , we received mentors who will help us to conduct the research as well as guide us through the program. What i am truly looking forward to is shadowing doctors around the hospital.
We are currently shadowing doctors, getting a first person’s point of view of what they do. Today I learned that every year 200 medical school students get sent sent to 20 different locations, one day a week for 9 weeks. At these 20 locations, the students help with the care of people who are homeless, poor, elder, and who have parents who are incarcerated and live in supportive housing. In that time they are meant to learn how those people adapt to their living environments as well as what makes them more vulnerable than average people. They are placed in these environments to be able to feel and understand what these people go through. At the end of those 9 weeks they have to construct a 20 min presentation about what they learned. Moreover, the purpose of this is that the medical school students will know how to handle all types of patients, attitudes and emotions. Overall, the G.E.P so far has made me smarter as well as a better person. I can’t wait to see what we are doing next.

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