Throughout the ARCHES program thus far, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has presented us with plenty opportunities to network. These opportunities come from lunch & learns and different rotations within the hospital and out-patient clinics. ARCHES has not only offered me opportunities to build a network, but most importantly they teach us what a network is and why it is essential. The sessions about professional communication and networking were very helpful and discussed important things from eye contact and handshakes, to learning how write and send a professional email.

Within this journey, the skills that I have taken away from the sessions about professionalism have shown me how a lot of these life lessons can be applied almost anywhere, specifically in this case the research lab. My research supervisor has taught me how to communicate with other professionals in academia and how to utilize them as a resource. My research supervisor has also made it clear to me how important it is to ask questions. Most of the time, individuals can be afraid to approach someone at a different level in academia but if you come with respect and humility, the professional will usually be more than willing to help. I believe as we matriculate throughout our medical journey, this will assist us along the way.

From learning these essentials to professionalism, I have currently been able to start building sustainable relationships with faculty members and physician all throughout the Georgetown community. Everyone at Georgetown has not only been very responsive, but also very encouraging. I believe that the main reason is because when we approach these professionals and reach out, it is because they are amazed at where we are from and how much we are invested into our future. In addition to us being invested, they see how intelligent and professional we are, which gives them more of a reason to invest in us. I am wholeheartedly thankful for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Georgetown School of Medicine for creating a sustainable and beneficial program such as ARCHES for underserved individuals, and presenting us with the opportunities to build our network as aspiring physicians.

-Brandon Manor

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