A New Perspective

Since starting the Gateway Exploration Program, I have been shadowing an OB/GYN at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital for the past week and a half with Dr. Caseida. We have been seeing very interesting patients and cases during the time that I have been there, and I have learned a lot in just one week. In my opinion, the OB/GYN is very interesting because you can work with adults and babies too. For example, I learned about the baby’s heartbeat, what beat counts it should be in between, what they should be measuring, etc. I learned about the connection between the baby and the mother and how you can detect if something is wrong with the baby’s health just by drawing blood from the mother.

Also in the OB/GYN department, I learned about what happens to women’s bodies, and what you need to prepare to look for as you get older. For example, once you turn 40, you are going to need to do a mammogram. You get a mammogram to see if you have cancer in your breast tissue. As a woman, once you turn 40-45 your chances of getting breast cancer become much higher. Also, PAP smears and PET scans are necessary. PAP smears are needed to test if you have and precancerous cells in the cervix. I learned that one way you can tell if you have any precancerous cells is that it turns white when you put the vinegar on it.

Lastly, I learned what can happen to a mother after giving birth to their first child. You can get a lot of complications like hemorrhoids, excessive bleeding after delivery, breast problems, etc. Hemorrhoids are swollen or inflamed blood vessels in the anal area.


–Joselin Carcamo

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