Integrating Wider Outcomes with Core Practices of Disciplines and Domains

How do we foster a learning infrastructure  that supports full student development and integrates wider formational outcomes with domain learning?

In an effort to integrate full student development with disciplinary instruction, institutions are experimenting with different quantitative and qualitative measures of wider formational outcomes. As instruction and assessment have traditionally been geared towards professional skills and academic content, the hard to measure qualities have often been excluded from core practices. Through elevating the visibility of these wider formational outcomes and engaging in cross-institutional conversations around assessment, assignment modeling and data collection, we can establish a more holistic picture of formational development and develop high impact integrative curriculum.

    • What are the signs of transformational learning we want to see? Are there epistemological shifts we value? Are there different ways that learners are thinking that we could measure?
    • Can we see evidence in reflection, story-telling, sense-making?
    • Can we see evidence in action or behavior?
    • Is this infrastructure technological or something else?
    •  What is the evidence of integrative learning that intersects domain learning with personal development?

Let us know what you think.

Resources for High-Impact Learning

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