Student-Curated Dashboards for Learning Progress

What might student-curated spaces look like that empower students to manage their educational pathways, using data and pattern visualizations as part of an interface to their learning?

Through the use of learning assessment, analytics and alumni pathways data, the dashboard will allow students to make more intentional choices and navigate toward whole person education, developing both the discipline-based knowledge and skills along with formational skills and dispositions necessary to thrive as educated citizens. The student dashboard will make visible and usable a fuller range of learning experiences and outcomes, which will both empower student choices and allow the university to use the aggregated data to cultivate campus life and course offerings around high-impact experiences.  The dashboard will empower students to take greater ownership over their learning, increase their awareness as they  progress through the university years, and help students identify gaps, set goals and pursue new opportunities.

  • What are concrete designs to advance the concept and potential of student curated dashboards?
  • How does dashboard use facilitate student reflection and decision-making? How does data visualization (through utilizing the recommendation engine and digital dashboard) influence student trajectories?’

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Resources for Student Dashboards

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