Reflective Writing and Analytics

Can we use machine generated analytics to contribute to a learning infrastructure that supports reflection as a core practice of formational learning?

By identifying the analytics of an integrative, holistic education, we can imagine what computers could do to help examine the large corpuses of data generated through learning activities, such as reflection on experiences, online discussion forums and potentially even behavior data. Learner analytics have the capacity to empower students to be in control of their own data and to elevate evidence of the process of integrative, deep, formational learning to all levels of curricular design and institutional decision-making.

  • What might implementations of data analytics look like?
  • What kinds of outputs can be shared with students?
  • What kinds of coding and analysis are needed?
  • What parsers are best at analyzing reflective writing?
  • Can we conceive of analytics that will reveal the epistemic commitments that learners make when engaged in collaborative information retrieval and sense making?

Let us know what you think.

Resources for Learning Analytics

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