Consultant Team

Dr. Dan Bernstein, University of Kansas

Dan Bernstein is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Kansas. From 1999 to 2003 Bernstein directed a five-university project on peer review of teaching materials, and his recent writing has focused on electronic course portfolios centered on student work.


Prof. Ruth Deakin Crick, University of Technology, Sydney

Ruth Deakin Crick is Professor of Learning Analytics and Educational Leadership at the University of Technology Sydney. She works in Improvement Science at the interface of research, practice, policy and enterprise. She is one of the originators of the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory.

 Ruth Deakin Crick

Prof. Simon Buckingham Shum, University of Technology, Sydney

Simon Buckingham Shum is Professor of Learning Informatics at the University of Technology Sydney, where he is Director of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC). He researches, teaches and consults on learning analytics, social learning media, collective intelligence and dialogue/argument visualization.


Dr. Bret Eynon, LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)

Bret Eynon is a historian by training, studying social movements in the context of political and personal transformation. He is currently based at LaGuardia where he directs the Making Connections National Resource Center on Inquiry, Reflection, and Integrative Education.


Dr. Laura M. Gambino, Guttman Community College (CUNY)

Laura Gambino is Professor of Assessment and Information Technology at Guttman Community College. She is also the Project Research Coordinator for the national Connect to Learning (C2L) ePortfolio project.


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