About Formation by Design

Launched out of the Designing the Future(s) of the University Initiative at Georgetown University, the Formation by Design (FxD) Project seeks to articulate a forward-looking vision for defining and measuring the outcomes of holistic learning. The goal is that educating for formation – whole person development – will be brought to the center of the conversation about reshaping higher education.

About the FxD Networked Inquiry Community

Developed from an idea proposed by participants at the annual Formation by Design Symposium at Georgetown, the FxD Networked Inquiry Community unites faculty, administrators, and innovators globally who are dedicated to designing for whole person learning in an informal and collaborative online environment. The site hosts thematic interactive spaces for members to share narratives and advance research specific to putting the whole student at the center of curricular and co-curricular designs in institutions of higher learning and embracing the interconnectedness of students’ journeys.

For each of the three themes, there is a page explaining the mission, an interactive workspace, and a resource page for those interested in reading the published research. The three themes are: