Classroom Research (“Some Complicating Evidence”)

January 11, 2009

adapted from, “Asking Their Own Questions: Some ESL Students Take Chare of Their Reading,” Annie Agard (Laney College) In this presentation, Annie Agard presents a whole range of evidence gathered from her ESL classes. In this PowerPoint presentation, Agard shares many different findings from her classroom research on her ESL. class. The evidence is not […]

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Understanding Student Reading Habits through a Student Reading Survey

November 14, 2008

From David Reynolds (West Hills): “Helping Students Read Difficult Text” ASSESSMENT of READING – Before helping my students read difficult text, I first had to know what, how and when they read. There are many Reading Inventories available and I chose to give my students the WestEd Reading Apprenticeship Student Reading Survey. I needed to […]

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Capturing Student Voices: ‘Reading Between Lives’

November 14, 2008

A unique example of inquiry emerged at Chabot College, where they aimed to capture student voices in a way that would catalyze improvement for both learners and teachers. Determined to frame basic skills as a challenge cutting across the curriculum-beyond English and mathematics (though they were the central focus of SPECC) and beyond courses designated […]

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Student Interviews on the Effectiveness of a Method

November 13, 2008

Students approach the math textbook as little more than an (extremely expensive) problem set, expecting to get all of the information they need to prepare for tests simply by attending lecture. A typical college math course requires a great deal of homework, and students are expected to spend many hours outside of class studying. When […]

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Student Outlines: From Question to Evidence

October 14, 2008

From Windows on Learning: Laura Graff, Dustin Culhan, and Felix Marhuenda-Donate, “Outlining Mathematics: Transforming Student Groaning into Student Learning” I have always thought a large problem in math and science education is reading. Students are never taught how to read technical textbooks. I knew that somewhere along the way I had mastered this skill, but […]

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