Customizing Your ePortfolio

WordPress offers lots of themes to make the site look uniquely yours. You can try out any of them:

From the Dashboard, go to “Appearance” >> “Themes”, and use the “Preview” option to see what your site could look like. When you find one that works, click “Activate.” (Note that not all themes support all options, or will organize certain¬†elements differently.)

This website is using the Twenty Twelve theme, which is currently the default for all Georgetown Commons sites. If you like the structure of this theme, you can still customize it with photos and colors:

From the Dashboard, go to “Appearance” >> “Customize”. This space is where you can change your website title, subtitle, and colors. I’m currently displaying some Georgetown Blue & Gray, but you can use any colors you like. The background can also be a photo.

The Customize menu is also where you can add a header image to the top of your site. Here, I’ve added a solid blue bar, but you might add a portrait like CCT student Justin Kollinger. If you have some design skills, make a custom header with your name/website title, upload it here, and hide the title and subtitle fields.


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