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Georgetown undergraduates interested in focusing their studies on the environment can get involved in numerous programs. Additionally, a number of departments offer courses that address environmental issues.

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Undergraduate Majors

Environmental Biology (Department of Biology)

This major is designed to provide students with a foundation in population, whole organism, evolutionary biology, and environmental science as well as in chemistry and mathematics. To build on that natural science foundation, upper-level electives in the major allow students to explore the myriad applications and contexts of environmental biology through courses in fields like history, government, economics, public policy, and international affairs. The Environmental Biology major emphasizes an education in core scientific principles, critical reading and writing skills, and the ability to understand, apply, and communicate scientific concepts and results.

Science, Technology, and International Affairs; Environmental Studies Concentration (School of Foreign Service)

The Science, Technology & International Affairs (STIA) major aims to equip students with the tools needed to understand the complex problems at the intersection of scientific, technical issues, and international affairs.  The major combines work in the natural sciences with international affairs courses focusing on the environment, energy, business and economic development, information technology and communications, health, and security – many of which are specially designed for the STIA program.


Undergraduate Minors

Environmental Studies Minor (Georgetown College)

The Environmental Studies Minor (ESM) Program is an interdisciplinary one designed to enable undergraduates, who are majoring in any discipline, to focus on environmental issues as well as their major subjects.

Environmental and Occupational Health (School of Nursing and Health Studies)

The minor in Environmental and Occupational Health allows interested undergraduate students to build a concentration of courses to explore the ways in which environmental and occupational exposures impact human health and to apply the fundamentals of developing, implementing and assessing preventive interventions. Students will analyze human health issues at the community level and will apply principles of prevention in preparation for entry-level positions in occupational and environmental health practice as well as for further graduate work in public health, medicine, environmental management, industrial hygiene, and related fields.