Environment Initiative Seminar Series Starts October 11

The Environment Initiative is pleased to present a 2012-2013 seminar series featuring leading environmental scientists and researchers.

Please click on each individual event for more information, and please check back for updated information on seminar sessions.

2012 Lecture Schedule

October 11, Alonso Aguirre, Executive Director, Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation

“Conservation Medicine, EcoHealth & One Health: Emerging paradigms to address the impact of globalization on wildlife, human and ecosystem health” 

October 18, Chris Boone, Arizona State University

“Trees grow on money: Environmental justice perspectives on urban canopy cover”

November 1: Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University

“Global environmental change and the water challenges of cities” 

November 8, Steward Pickett, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

“Reconceptualizing Urban Ecology”

November 14, Ruth Defries, Columbia University*

‘How Humanity Came to Dominate the Planet”

November 16, Dan Childers, Arizona State University

“Sustainability science, education, and action: Tales of water from a desert city”

December 6, David Skelly, Yale University

“Estrogens in your backyard: using frogs to parse suburban endocrine disruption”

2013 Lecture Schedule

January 15, Anson H. Hines, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

“The Blue Crab as a Model for Migratory Estuarine Species”

January 22, Amanda Lynch, Brown University

“Climate Sensitive Water Policy: Diagnosing the Decision Process through Drought and Flood in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia”

February 12, Scott Colins, University of New Mexico

“Generality in ecology: the responses of North Americana nd South African grasslands to fire and grazing”

February 19, Steven Gaines, University of California, Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

“New insights on the status of and solutions for global fisheries”

April 25, Robert Socolow, Princeton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Princeton Environmental Institute

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