Georgetown University Environment Initiative

The Georgetown Environment Initiative brings together leading researchers and academics, students, and university partners to advance our understanding of and responses to complex environmental issues.

Georgetown University offers unique advantages for this initiative: its strategic location in the nation’s capital and proximity to policy makers, the University’s long history of ethical engagement in the community and world, and well-established networks of research related to the environment (see affiliated departments, institutes, and centers). Major contributors include Georgetown scientists and faculty from the Law Center, Medical Center, Public Policy Institute, Georgetown College, and Schools of Business, Nursing and Health Studies, and Foreign Service.

Thanks to a major gift ($20 million from a family affiliated with the university)┬áreceived in September 2012, Georgetown has a tremendous opportunity to become a global leader in a field that holds much promise for the planet’s precious natural resources. This gift allows the University to hire new faculty who are leaders in their fields, bring experts to campus to discuss their latest findings, provide startup funding for interdisciplinary research projects, and build an even broader capacity for education and scholarship.

As you explore this website, we invite you to learn more about our world-class faculty and their groundbreaking projects, discover opportunities for our students and graduates, and find out how you might become more involved.