No Man’s Sky and the Jungle Book

After reading up on  “No Man’s Sky” I could not help but make connections as I sat in the movie theater watching the newest CGI version of the classic, “The Jungle Book.” First and foremost, the 2016 version of the Jungle Book is the perfect example of the interconnections between humanity and nature. Moreover, like No Man’s Sky, the Jungle Book uses technology to produce and project unbelievably realistic animals and nature settings. On top of all of this CGI is the main character, Mogley, a real life human interacting in this completely wild setting produced through technology. The combination of reality and CGI is done in a way where it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Watching the movie, I truly believed the once cartoon animated boy belonged in that jungle. A lot of the scenes brought together direct contact between the real life mogley and the CGI natural environment, as well as the many animals.  Furthermore, if you read the original story, or saw the cartoon movie as a kid, you know that fire, or the red flower, is biggest concern of the story, even more so than the villain. The animals tell the boy throughout his upbringing to stay away from the red flower and the understanding is that once a “man-cub” achieves the power of the “red flower” he will become a man and all the dangers that come from man will come with him. In realities created by humans the most dangerous aspects are the ones created by humans.  The intermixing of worlds is projected through this media as a fantasy by humans. There is something interesting about the technological virtual reality of nature interconnected with real people in a created place.

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