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  1. Thomas Gallagher says:

    Cranford Post

    After reading Cranford and what I took away from Tuesday’s class I went from being “mildly bored” with the book to almost playing hide and seek with it. all of the content and material were in the satire of the book in my opinion. I started laughing everytime I caught the narrator being sarcastic or underhandedly making fun of the Cranford women’s way of life.

    In fact, the satire is something we failed to talk too much about on Tuesday. we were so busy trying to discuss the culture of the women that we didn’t seem to address the main reason why this book was enjoyable to read. And it all seems to come from the narrator. we constantly feeding off of what she has to tell us. we have no choice but to follow along and adopt the narrator’s point of view on everything, or perhaps where she chooses to place us. However regardless of whether she is an insider or an outsider she always places the reader in a position to critique and almost make fun of how frugal everything is in Cranford, The Carpet festival, every bit of Gossip including Peter’s pranks. It all seems so miniscule while the characters in the book are forced to take every issue as life altering because of how sheltered and closed on Cranford is.

    We can also assume that although these concepts are completely ridiculous to those of us who live in the “real world”, this sort of situation personifies many issues even today within our own country. I found myself critiquing my own response because is this not what we do to those who are sheltered and ignorant from the rest of the world. We sit in the corner and laugh and snicker while taking their lives as a form of amusement. Im not sure if this is part of Gaskell planned but it is what I took from it.

    Also I know this is late but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to post. I finally figured out that I just had to log in so I felt like I had a Cranford moment, My deepest apologies for being late on this.

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